Genealogy and single surname studies for Whitton and Ritch of Scotland
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Birth1 JAN 1848 Gulgong, NSW
Death10 OCT 1927 Coonabarabran, NSW
FatherWilliam George Whitton1814
MotherMary Ann O'Neil1819
Marriages and/or Partners
Ellen Hare 1 APR 1873 Coonabarabran, NSW
William Whitton 8 FEB 1875 Dubbo, NSW
Mary Ann Whitton 1876 Coonabarabran, NSW
John Whitton 8 JUL 1878 Dubbo, NSW
George William Whitton 1880 Dubbo, NSW
Sarah Ellen Whitton 1882 Campbelltown, NSW
Ada May Whitton 4 JUL 1884 Dubbo, NSW
Jessie Margaret Whitton 1886 Dubbo, NSW
Minnie Whitton 1888 Dubbo, NSW
Thomas Edward Whitton 8 SEP 1890 Coonabarabran, NSW
Lydia Whitton 16 MAR 1893 Bearbong, Coonabarabran, NSW
David Henry Whitton 8 MAY 1896 Coonabarabran, NSW
Rupert James Whitton 1899 Coonabarabran, NSW
Francis Whitton 20 OCT 1904 Gilgandra, NSW

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